Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Gepubliceerd op: 9 juni 2010
Samsung has converted its 3D projection into the first game-take-over on YouTube
In late May, Samsung was the first to introduce a commercial 3D projection in the Netherlands, adding a whole new dimension to the historic Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam. Starting June 7th, this projection will be integrated into the first game-take-over on YouTube. At first, it appears as if a normal video of the projection is being shown. That is until the YouTube page cracks, butterflies start flying out of the projection, and the new dimension of Samsung 3D takes over the page.
YouTube game-take-over
It is the first time that a worldwide YouTube game-take-over is introduced on YouTube, whereby the video content is brought to life, allowing the user to interact with it. On the Samsung 3D branded channel, visitors can play a game where they must click on as many butterflies as possible, giving them a chance to win a Samsung 3D LED TV.

From outdoor to viral to interactive viral
The campagne started with an outdoor event, with the projection being filmed by many viewers. Countless videos have been seen all over the world, forwarded from person to person, and placed on numerous blogs. Samsung has now added an extra dimension to this viral by making it interactive with the YouTube game-take-over.

Samsung 3D Event
On May 20th, 21st and 22nd viewers were able to see the addition of a whole new dimension to the historic “Beurs van Berlage” building in Amsterdam. For three nights, the projection interacted with the architecture of the building, and viewers were treated to an incredible 3D audiovisual experience.  Those at the event could test 3D TVs, and one TV was raffled off per night. Bystanders who checked in on Foursquare or had an extra opportunity to win.

Media agency Starcom (part of Starcom/Publicis Group) is end responsible for the strategy, concept and implementation of the Samsung 3D LED campaign for 2010. Advertising Agency MUSE Amsterdam is responsible for concept, design and production of the 3D event at Beurs van Berlage, social media and the YouTube game-take-over. 

Outdoor has always been an important medium for Samsung. With the projection on the historic Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam, this medium has been employed in a thoroughly new and innovative way. The additional use of numerous social media and mobile has made the Samsung 3D Event and its corresponding viral video a global success. It fits Samsung’s innovative character to now make these viral videos interactive with the YouTube game-take-over, thereby adding a fresh dimension to the Samsung 3D campaign.

— Raymond Mesterom - Marketing Manager Netherlands, Samsung Electronics